• WearEver Pure Living Cookware

WearEver Pure Living Cookware

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Brand WearEver
Pure Living is a revolution in nonstick cookware. The cookware is scratch and stain resistant with an interior and exterior surface that are easy to clean (it is dishwasher safe). It features a nonstick ceramic coating that is metal utensil safe and is PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium and lead free. The aluminum base guarantees high heat retention making it excellent for searing meats, poultry, and fish and it delivering crisper, more evenly cooked food. The cookware is safe for all cooking surfaces (except induction). All the pieces have silicone riveted handles for comfort and more durability, glass lids and nonstick exteriors. WearEver Pure Living Cookware is one of many Pots & Pans available through Office Depot. Made by WearEver.
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